1. Where Norman Maine Disappeared at Laguna Beach (2010) LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Where Norman Maine Disappeared at Laguna Beach from the 1954 version of A Star is Born (2010), 40x40", Fujiflex archival print


  2. Where Natalie Wood Disappeared off Catalina Island (2008) LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Where Natalie Wood Disappeared off Catalina Island (2008), 40x40", Fujiflex archival print


  3. Where Roger Wade Disappeared at Malibu Colony (2008) LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Where Roger Wade Disappeared at Malibu Colony (2008), 40x40", Fujiflex archival print


  4. Where Dennis Wilson Disappeared in Marina del Rey (2008) LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Where Dennis Wilson Disappeared in Marina del Rey (2008), 40x40", Fujiflex archival print


  5. Install View of Trangressing the Pacific at Las Cienegas Projects, LA, CA, June 2011 LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Install View of Trangressing the Pacific at Las Cienegas Projects, LA, CA, June 2011
  6. Where Capt.Bob Hyde Disappeared on Manhattan Beach (2008) LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Where Capt.Bob Hyde Disappeared on Manhattan Beach (2008), 40x40'', Fujiflex archival print


  7. Where Aimee Semple McPherson Disappeared at Ocean Park (2009) LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Where Aimee Semple McPherson Disappeared at Ocean Park (2009), 40x40", Fujiflex archival print


  8. 2013.Dark.Exb38.jpg LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Installation view, “Dark Blue” at the Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, January 2012
  9. 2013.Dark.Exb51.jpg LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Installation View, “Dark Blue” at the Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, January 2013
  10. Install View 2 LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Install View of Trangressing the Pacific at Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, CA, 2011
  11. Install View 3 LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Where Norman Maine Disappeared at Laguna Beach (2010), 40x40", Fujiflex archive print
  12. Where Michael Douglas Jumped at Venice Beach Pier (2010) LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

    Where Michael Douglas Jumped at Venice Beach Pier (2010), 40x40", Fujiflex archival print


  13. Installation Shot, Mayeur Projects, LA-LIKE: Transgressing The Pacific & Fools Gold Dust (Mimic) Painting LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

  14. Installation Shot, Mayeur Projects, LA-LIKE: Transgressing The Pacific LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

  15. Mayeur Projects, Installation Shot, LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

  16. Mayeur Projects Install Shot, Mayeur Projects, Installation Shot, LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

  17. Installation Shot, Mayeur Projects, LA-LIKE: Tear Sheets LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

  18. Installation Shot, Mayeur Projects, LA-LIKE: Prospecting Palm Fronds LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific

“In Crosher’s erudite photographs, she captures the murky, stilled waters of a dock and the hazy seascape of an empty beach. Each image, devoid of the human figure, is taken at the approximate time of its subject’s vanishing. Photo captions indicate both subject and site…to varying degrees, each narrative remains unresolved, containing many unknowns. By combining literary characters with actors and celebrities, Crosher risks surpassing her viewers’ abilities to suspend belief…(the photographs) act as waypoints, dotting the geophysical edge of the West, directing us towards a limitless promise–indefinable and mercurial–between reality and the sublime.”
-Jenée Misraje

A lovely video clip by Jason Underhill, here

  1. Project Images (7)
    1. Where Norman Maine Disappeared at Laguna Beach (2010)
    2. Where Natalie Wood Disappeared off Catalina Island (2008)
    3. Where Roger Wade Disappeared at Malibu Colony (2008)
    4. Where Dennis Wilson Disappeared in Marina del Rey (2008)
    5. Where Capt.Bob Hyde Disappeared on Manhattan Beach (2008)
    6. Where Aimee Semple McPherson Disappeared at Ocean Park (2009)
    7. Where Michael Douglas Jumped at Venice Beach Pier (2010)
  2. Installation Views (11)
    1. Install View of Trangressing the Pacific at Las Cienegas Projects, LA, CA, June 2011
    2. Installation view, “Dark Blue” at the Haggerty Museum of Art
    3. Install View 3
    4. Install View 2
    5. Install View 3
    6. Installation Shot, Mayeur Projects, LA-LIKE: Transgressing The Pacific & Fools Gold Dust (Mimic) Painting
    7. Installation Shot, Mayeur Projects, LA-LIKE: Transgressing The Pacific
    8. Mayeur Projects, Installation Shot, LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific
    9. Mayeur Projects Install Shot, Mayeur Projects, Installation Shot, LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific
    10. Installation Shot, Mayeur Projects, LA-LIKE: Tear Sheets
    11. Installation Shot, Mayeur Projects, LA-LIKE: Prospecting Palm Fronds
  3. Related Press
    1. ‘Slouching Towards Los Angeles’ Is an Escape to L.A. During Quarantine (2020) Steffie Nelson talks about her Joan Didion-inspired book of essays, By Linda Immediato. Slouching Towards Los Angeles originated in 2015 as part of an art project curated by the non-profit arts organization LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) and the artist Zoe Crosher, who is a good friend of mine. Called the Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, it involved different visual artists exploring the idea of territorial expansion through billboard interventions across the 10 Freeway. The project was wrapping up in Santa Monica with a series of events, and I thought about Joan Didion’s influence on writers who have felt the westward pull—myself included—and proposed an evening of L.A. writers responding to their favorite Didion works. Laura Hyatt and Shamim Momim of LAND were immediately enthusiastic about the idea, and we started planning from there. I came up with the title in the first conversation I had with them—at a gallery dinner, if I remember correctly—and it stuck.
    2. The Adventurer, Interview with Matt Holzman for Studio360 (2020) Photographer Zoe Crosher grew up around planes and airports --- her mother was a flight attendant, and her father was a diplomat. So it isn't surprising that when Crosher moved to Los Angeles, she gravitated towards the neighborhoods surrounding Los Angeles International Airport. She found what she considered the real spirit of LA in little airport motels with names like The Adventurer. KCRW's Matt Holzman took a tour with the photographer to the sites of her most intriguing images. From January 1, 2005.
    3. Going Beyond the Photo-Archive The Significance of Fantasy and Photo-Reflexivity in Zoe Crosher’s The Michelle duBois Project by Yonit Aronowicz (2019) “Crosher’s handling of the archive is neither documentary nor investigative; she never intended to use the photos to give an accounting of her subject’s life” (Ross, web). Rather, for Crosher, the archive becomes another subversive means to exemplify the very impossibility of making sense of an individual’s identity through an accumulation of self-portraits, that is, according to Crosher, the very fictional aspect of the documentary photography. “Accumulation”, she stresses, “does not equal clarity – but in fact it compromises fiction” (Crosher qtd. in Blalock, “Part 1”). In this respect, one may realize how Crosher’s formulation of duBois’ archive is not only in keeping with the postmodern concepts of the constructed-unstable self, but also with what Marlene Manoff called “the postmodern suspicion of the historical record” (Manoff 14). - Yonit Aronowicz
    4. Wildfires and Dead Palm Trees Haunt the L.A. Dream in Zoe Crosher’s New Show by Michael Slenske for Seen | New York Magazine (2018) "The allure of Los Angeles has long-balanced on the razor’s edge between fantasy and reality, but lately, with the wildfires and the mudslides and the dying off of the city’s trademark palm trees — most of which weren’t native anyway — and, now, even more deadly conflagrations that have turned fall rainy season into fire season, it’s become a bit too real."
    5. Rooms With a View | L.A.Weekly | Steffie Nelson (2018) “Hopefully I’ll never go back to LAX,” says Crosher happily as we head home in the diamond lane. Fleetwood Mac is on the radio, and the San Gabriel mountains rise clearly in the distance. “This day has the same feel as when I first moved to L.A., the same kind of promise,” Crosher enthuses. “Oh, look at that!” She points to the blue sky. “I think my next project’s gonna be helicopters.”
    6. Check out Zoe Crosher’s Artwork | Voyage LA (2018) Today we’d like to introduce you to Zoe Crosher...
    8. As planes take flight at LAX, two photographers find a darker reality below in 'Grounded' | Review by Christopher Knight for the L.A. Times (2018) Nearly 30 years later, in the early 2000s, Zoe Crosher began to photograph the interiors of motels and hotels along West Century Boulevard, the wide street that leads into LAX. Not abandoned, these are sites of intentionally temporary occupancy.
    9. Zoe Crosher’s Contemporary Explorations Return to Aspen | Interview by Eliza Jordan | Whitewall (2018) "Last year, Zoe Crosher had an eminent presence in Aspen. She attended the Aspen Art Museum (AAM)’s annual benefit, ArtCrush, with a strong photography piece in the auction. We saw her work shining from private collections in the surrounding hills, and she soon after showed an exhibition on the rood at AAM entitled “Prospecting Palm Fronds.”
    10. 'Grounded' photography exhibit debuts at El Segundo Museum of Art - ABC 7 (2018) "the interesting push and pull, inside outside, looking at these two things together."
    11. “Grounded” – Divola, Crosher at ESMoA (2018) The two bodies of work, Divola’s and Crosher’s, while starkly different, do orbit the same sun, which in this instance is the incidental but sociological history and legacy of LAX, and as Colin Westerbeck aptly noted, ESMoA is the perfect venue for this exhibition.
    12. Zoe Crosher on Wall Street International (2018) Zoe Crosher 15 Dec 2017 — 13 May 2018 at the Aspen Art Museum in Aspen, United States
    13. AN ARTIST MEMORIALIZES THE DISAPPEARING PALM TREES OF LOS ANGELES (2018) "Palm trees in LA are so ubiquitous, it’s easy to forget that they aren’t originally from Southern California", Allison Meier for JStor Daily
    14. The Rise & Fall of Patrick Painter  (2018) by Michael Slenske, LA Times March 2018. THE OG ART DEALER WHOSE OUTRAGEOUS PERSONA ONCE SHOCKED L.A. IS READY FOR A COMEBACK. DEAL WITH IT.
    16. It's Palm Saturday, Aspen Daily News (2017) Palm Fronds, is an investigation of impermanence. We see representations of the last remnants of what will slowly fade with age: the fronds of the palm trees that are nearing the end of their life spans in Los Angeles. Cast in bronze, they are delicate reminders of the gold prospectors sought in California or, taken with a wider vision, what we can mine for in our own environments, be they physical, psychic or otherwise.
    17. Carla Snap review - Virago at Hilde by Jennifer Remenchick (2017) "There is an imbalance present in the meaning of the word virago; a feeling that perhaps, like many women, real and imagined, she too has been unfairly simplified and misunderstood. Virago lends a variety of alternatives to that narrative through exhibiting works that complicate and individualize their subject matter, leaving the archetype right where it should be: unresolved and complex."
    18. ‘Wanderlust’ examines action, exploration outside the studio (2017) “Wanderlust: Actions, Traces, Journeys 1967-2017,” a 50-year survey exhibition that considers the themes of action and exploration outside of the studio and how artists engage this theme in various ways, opens Sept. 7 at both locations of the UB Art Galleries. It will be on view through Dec. 31 and then travel to the Des Moines Art Center, where it will open on Feb. 18.
    19. Zoe Crosher listed as Cultural Influencer and Innovator in Summer 2017 Issue LAC Magazine (2017)
    20. Artists go large on Los Angeles’s billboards (2017) “It’s a wonderful medium,” says Shamim Momin, the co-founder of Land (Los Angeles Nomadic Division), who co-organised with the artist Zoe Crosher the Manifest Destiny Billboard Project from 2013 to 2015, spanning ten cities along Interstate 10 from Florida to California. “It’s an extraordinary way to have millions of people see a project, even if they are not consciously wanting to see it. It’s an insertion of the visual into everyday experience.”
    21. Zoe Crosher: The New LA-LIKE by Chelsea Withers, The Magazine (2016) “But instead of lurid tabloid photos, Crosher is channeling cool Ed Ruscha. Her photographs catalogue places simply and straightforwardly; you wouldn’t even know what you were looking at if it weren’t for Crosher’s titles, which function like commemorative plaques.” - Chelsea Withers, The Magazine
    22. FLORAL PATTERNS ~ AN ESSAY ABOUT FLOWERS AND ART (WITH A BLOOMING ADDENDUM.) by Andrew Berardini, Mousse Magazine (2016) “Without flowers, the reptiles, which had gotten along fine in a leafy, fruitless world, would probably still rule. Without flowers, we would not be.” — Michael Pollan, The Botany of Desire (2001)
    23. "Back to nature: How our latest midcentury modern design obsession reflects our age of environmental anxiety" by Kate Losse, Curbed.com (2016) "The connections between the resurgence of plants and our moment of environmental reckoning are palpable enough that they have become a subject for younger artists. Artist Zoe Crosher created a piece for the Los Angeles Nomadic Division in 2015 that depicts, in a series of billboards along the I-10 from Palm Springs to Los Angeles, a profusion of tropical foliage in various stages of health and decay."
    24. Art Viewer - Zoe Crosher at Mayeur Projects (2016) Mayeur Projects is pleased to present The New LA-LIKE, an exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Zoe Crosher.
    25. “Madames Electrics” at The Pit on Contemporary Art Daily (2016) "Dear Madames, Madames Electrics is a group exhibition and a book that came together through convoluted collusion, a polluted process of one thing leading to another. A show of lamps became a show of figures, and vice versa. Close and farflung friends came together with strangers, old art and new objects, electric and nonelectric, etc. In the end, light was shed on some hands and not others, some rights and some lefts. Something and some things were lost along the way, but what comes together is still something, it’s something else: Madames Electrics."
    26. Madames Electric at The Pit for Carla l.a. | Snap Reviews by Aaron Horst, July 16, 2016 (2016) "The lighting, a low, somewhat suburban glow provided in pieces by Julian Hoeber, Jamie Isenstein, and Interior Theater, adds an incantatory layer to Lutker and Adriana Lara’s Hands Modeling Air series as well as Zoe Crosher’s mid-’90s C-prints, the latter stewing together the hard-to-resist aesthetics of foregrounded color printing and hazily imaged chunks of the body."
    27. LA-LIKE: Transgressing the Pacific, by Kate Sutton - Bookforum (2016) In Los Angeles, a town of making or breaking it, a third option is just to disappear. The California dream of reinvention is propped up by vanishing acts both real and scripted. A thousand last breaths are drawn every day across Hollywood. Most are staged, which makes it all the more spectacular when a star’s real death follows cinematic convention …
    28. MOCA's Gala Supports "The Artists' Museum," by Shana Nys Dambrot - Huffington Post (2016) Zoe Crosher at MOCA Gala 2016
    29. Bay Watch, SF MoMA ArtBash - Artforum, Scene & Herd (2016) The artist crowd—which included Trevor Paglen, Tacita Dean, Barry McGee, Takeshi Murata, Zoe Crosher, and Julie Mehretu—drifted in and out of Tom Marioni’s The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art, which was telling it like it is from the third-floor sculpture terrace.
    30. MOCA Gala Honoring Ed Ruscha Draws Owen Wilson, Elizabeth Olsen, Patricia Arquette, by Marcy Medina - WWD (2016) The nearly 60 artists in the crowd included Ruscha’s close friends Ed Moses and John Baldessari, as well as Catherine Opie, Doug Aitken, Mark Bradford, Frances Stark, Henry Taylor, Rodney McMillian, Alex Israel, Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, Robert Russell, Thomas Houseago, Muna El Fituri, Zoe Crosher and Piero Golia.
    31. My Business Card Says ‘Enthusiast’ - Zocalo Public Square  (2016) Zoe Crosher is the co-creator of the Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, a series of 100 artist-designed billboards that spanned the United States along Interstate 10. Before joining a Zócalo/Smithsonian “What It Means to Be American” panel discussion about creativity in America—“What Does American Ingenuity Look Like?”—she talked in the green room about the eclectic mediums she works in, D.C. punk rock, and that time Bill Nye flirted with her.
    32. A World-Class Garden on the California Coast, by Christopher Wyrick - DuJour (2016) A new residency program is opening up the garden to great creative minds, and it’s already bearing fruit. The first project will feature Los Angeles artist Zoe Crosher, whose career has brought her exhibitions at MoMA and LACMA. She has selected plants from the grounds to bronze, turning the ephemeral—sometimes even endangered—into something that will endure.
    33. Artist: Zoe Crosher, by Caroline Ryder - Distinct Daily (2016) “Collect this beautiful world of inspiration and people that you meet that you really love…because you never know what will happen.”
    34. Between Immersion and Interpretation: Charlotte Cotton's "Photography Is Magic" in The Great Leap Sideways (2016) A selective list of those artists who have participated in New Photography exhibitions at the MoMA in the years 2009 to 2015 provides a serviceable, if imperfect illustration of this recent historical conjuncture.
    35. Organizers Pull the Plug on Paris Photo, Rachel Lowry - Time (2016) “I truly loved being on the lot, from the entry/red carpet to the fake Brooklyn stoops to the larger sound stages, baking in the blazing hot sun, surrounded by food trucks, never sure what I was going to find." - Zoe Crosher
    36. Art Week, Small A Projects (2016) Zoe Crosher at Small A Projects' - Artweek - July/Aug 2006 by Stephanie Snyder
    37. Notes on Looking (2016) Notes on Looking, Podcast Interview with Michael Shaw
    38. New York Times Art Beat (2016) New York Times Art Beat, August 17 2012
    39. Gastronomica (2016) Zoe Crosher's Transgressions, with Caitlin Williams Freeman Gastronomica, Spring 2012
    40. New York Times Style Magazine Remix: Window Display by Steffie Nelson (2016)
    41. Doubles, Echoes, and Multiple Selves, essay by Karsten Lund  (2016) for Volume 1, The Reconsidered Archive of Michelle duBois
    42. View From Within (2016) Review - art blogging Nov 04 View From Within November 15, 2004 Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery
    43. Modern Painters (2016) Review by Emily Ellis Fox for The Disappearing of Michelle duBois at Perry Rubenstein Gallery
    44. Installation Magazine (2016) December 2012, available for download on the iPad
    45. Introduction by Christine Y. Kim  (2016) for Volume 4, The Disappearance of Michelle duBois
    46. Part 2 - Lucas Blalock vs. Zoe Crosher (2016) by Lucas Blalock, January 12, 2011
    47. Part 1 - Lucas Blalock vs. Zoe Crosher (2016) by Lucas Blalock, January 12, 2011
    48. FEMME FATALE: ON ZOE CROSHER’S RECONSIDERED ARCHIVE OF MICHELLE DUBOIS by Jan Tumlir (2016) Essay for Aperture, July 2009
    49. New York Times (2016) NY Times 6-05
    50. The 2500-Mile Art Show (full article) (2016) Driving from Jacksonville, Florida, to Los Angeles is about to get a lot more conceptual. By Maud Doyle (full article)
    51. Must-see Public Artworks of Summer 2015 on Artspace (2016) There is no better time of year to enjoy public artworks than the summer, and this year's crop of populace-pleasers will surely be one to remember. From Zoe Crosher's Los Angeles billboards to Ragnar Kjartansson's Central Park boat, these thought-provoking works are already popping up around the country.
    52. LAND Rover, C Magazine, March (2016) For The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, L.A. artist Zoe Crosher & LAND's director and curator...
    53. ARTnews: Sign Language (2016) ARTnews covers The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, article by Lamar Anderson, April 2014.
    54. Oxford America Spring Issue (2016) Art by Zoe Crosher
    55. Ladies' Night, by Charlotte Druckman - In print, Sunday Styles, New York Times  (2016) In Print, Sunday Styles, New York Times, November 9th, 2014.
    56. Place, by Kristy Mucci - Brutal Magazine (2016) Artist Zoe Crosher's projects are complex and expansive, but their roots run deep. We lover her exploration of the disconnect between what we think is real and what is pure fantasy.
    57. It's A Jungle Out There - C Magazine (2016)
    58. New Museum Curator's Pick (2016) New Museum Curator's Pick 6-05
    59. Whitewall Magazine (2016) Whitewall Magazine's 'To Watch' - by Amani Olu
    60. Modern Painters (2016) Modern Painters Oct 05
    61. Artforum (2016) ARTFORUM Print Review by Michael Ned Holte, Jan 2011
    62. Notes On Looking (2016) Notes On Looking, Contemporary Art in Los Angeles December 11th &12th, 2010
    63. For Your Art (2016) Artist Zoe Crosher interviews artist and exhibition curator James C. WellingThe City Proper, ForYourArt, Nov 30, 2010
    64. The Fantasy In Crisis, essay by Catherine G. Wagley  (2016) for Volume 3, The Unveiling of Michelle duBois
    65. Taking Pictures on Shaky Ground (2016) "Taking Pictures on Shaky Ground"Online response to Words Without Pictures
    66. Flavorpill LA (2016) Editor Picks, Flavorpill Los Angeles
    67. Aperture Part 1 (2016) Femme Fatale - Zoe Crosher's Reconsidered Archive of MIchelle duBois Aperture 198, Spring 2010 by Jan Tumlir
    68. Aperture Part 2 (2016) Femme Fatale - Zoe Crosher's Reconsidered Archive of MIchelle duBois Aperture 198, Spring 2010 by Jan Tumlir Part 2
    69. Violating the Documentary: Photograhy's Endgame and the Work of Zoe Crosher, essay by Andrew Berardini  (2016) for Volume 2, The Unraveling of Michelle duBois
    70. Aperture Part 3 (2016) Femme Fatale - Zoe Crosher's Reconsidered Archive of MIchelle duBois Aperture 198, Spring 2010 by Jan Tumlir Part 3
    71. Aperture Part 4 (2016) Femme Fatale - Zoe Crosher's Reconsidered Archive of MIchelle duBois Aperture 198, Spring 2010 by Jan Tumlir
    72. Flash Art (2016) FlashArt Review Feb 2009 by Joseph del Pesco
    73. Art Week (2016) Zoe Crosher at Small A Projects' > Artweek - July/Aug 2006 by Stephanie Snyder
    74. The New Yorker (2016) Vince Aletti, Critic’s Notebook, “Photo Sensitive,” The New Yorker, October 22, 2012, p. 12
    75. The Oregonian (2016) The Oregonian - 5.19.06'Reflections in Plane Sight'
    76. Los Angeles' cultural shift: Why artists are heading west to the City of Easels, by Mark Ellwood - The Independent (2015) Artists have such great space – both literal and conceptual – to work here, and the landscape can still allow for new organisations to grow and innovate.
    77. Openness Is the Mother of Invention (2015) Crosher added nuance to the idea by noting that it’s not that there are no hierarchies here—the politics of the art world, for instance, are “very bizarre, and exist in all sorts of irrational ways that all have to do with the market.” It’s that even in hierarchical fields, often there are ways to work around the established order, she said. The project she was recognized for, which commissioned artists to design works for billboards across the country, was sponsored by LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division), an arts nonprofit organization that she describes as a “really radical outlet.”
    78. This Wildly Creative Art Project Transformed an Ugly Interstate into a 2,400-Mile-Long Visual Masterpiece, by Margot Dougherty - Smithsonian Magazine (2015) An artist whose multimedia works often explore the disconnect between fantasy and reality, Crosher imagined punctuating the arid expanse with a succession of billboards showing a lush Shangri-La of greenery “that sort of dies as you approach L.A., this decaying promise.
    79. Exhibit | Zoe Crosher: Prospecting Palm Fronds, by Alicia Eler - Crave (2015) The artist's solo exhibition at LAX Art evokes a Duchamp-ian conceptualism mixed with the inevitably glam history of the palm tree and Los Angeles.
    80. The 2015 Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award: Zoe Crosher for Visual Arts (2015) "These winners are the foremost experts, innovators, and creators in their respective fields,” said Smithsonian magazine Editor In Chief Michael Caruso. “We look forward to the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and be enlightened to the ways in which their discoveries are shaping our future.”
    81. Instagrams of the Art World: NYCC, Oscar Murillo, and More - Blouin Artinfo (2015)
    82. Zoe Crosher: Head Out on the Highway, Forget the Adventure, by Jordan Auckland - Flaunt Magazine (2015) "I'm looking for a way through something, not against something—or perhaps this very approach defines an iconoclast, and I am one even if I don't intend to be?" Artist @zoecrosher, up now on Flaunt.com.
    83. Did You Know LA's Palm Trees Are Dying? This Artist is Bronzing Them - The Huffington Post (2015) Zoe Crosher: It's an amazing crisis that Los Angeles has on its hands--many of the palm trees that dot the landscape and have come to iconically symbolize Southern California are nearing the end of their natural lifespan and are literally dying/disappearing.
    84. LA-Like: An Interview with Zoe Crosher, by Sarah Murkett - MutualArt (2015) With an exhibition that just opened at the new Hollywood home of not-for-profit art initiative LAXART, MutualArt checked in with Los Angeles-based artist Zoe Crosher to discuss her two recently unveiled projects
    85. ChicEats: Exclusive Supper Clubs to Try, by Kristen Bateman - Harpers Bazaar (2015) The Fainting Club: Founded by Los Angeles based artist, Zoe Crosher, The Fainting Club is a ladies-only dinner party with chapters spanning from New York to Hong Kong.
    86. The lowly palm frond, all dressed up in Zoe Crosher's show at LAXART, by Sharon Mizota - LA Times (2015) At LAXART, Zoe Crosher takes that most ubiquitous and iconic L.A. debris — the palm frond — and turns it into sculpture.
    87. Heaven, Fortune and the West / Mysticism by Alexandre Stipanovich - Flash Art (2015) Zoe Crosher’s work explores how Los Angeles shapes our subconscious.
    88. 8 Artists Hide and Show in Los Angeles at MAMA Gallery by Jessica Robin Trent - Huffington Post (2015) Three walls of the brightly lit and airy main exhibition space feature a linear installation by Zoe Crosher "The Additive Dust Series: The Disappearing of Michelle duBois."
    89. The Amazing Self-Repairing Technique - Flaunt Magazine (2015) The most arresting of the images is a series by Zoe Crosher, which, depending on which way you walk around the gallery space, will either reveal or obscure an image of a woman in a hotel room posing for glamour photos in what turns out to be Guam.
    90. A Two-Year, 100-Billboard Celebration of Going West, by Su Wu - New York Times T Magazine (2015) Shamim Momin and Zoe Crosher first conceived of the cross-country billboard project during a period when Crosher commuted through the Mojave, the “anticipatory desert” a physical reminder of the mythos of finally arriving in L.A.
    91. The Agenda: This Week in Los Angeles - Art in America (2015) For over a year and a half, the Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) has been unveiling billboards across interstate highway I-10, which runs across the southern United States from sea (Jacksonville, Fla.) to shining sea (L.A.).
    92. A Campaign to Dot the American South With Artist-Designed Billboards Wraps in LA, by Casey Quackenbush - The Observer (2015) Every artist had a different interpretation of the theme: where Ms. Crosher depicted the disintegration of the American Dream with dying greenery.
    93. Brutal: A Cool, Quirky New Magazine About Food, by Kerry Diamond - Yahoo Style (2015) Los Angeles-based artist Zoe Crosher shares her art and food collaboration with Blue Bottle Coffee’s Caitlin Freeman, which includes a recipe for stout cake with tequila ganache and tobacco-smoked sea salt.
    94. MAMA Gallery Los Angeles: Clara Balzary, Zoe Crosher, Ariana Papademetropolous, Mattea Perrotta, Fay Ray, Lisa Solberg, Johanna Tag by Jessica Trent - ASVOF (2015) To Hide To Show is the idea that concealment is to make something sacred. To be revealed in this exhibition are the artist’s artifacts of what they hold sacred while at the same time what they choose to defile.
    95. "To Hide To Show" A Group Exhibition that Explores the Nature of Hiding and Revealing: An Interview with the Artists - Autre Magazine (2015) "I already have in mind the things I want to do and make, and I have tasted what is possible when there is real support behind a project. I think expansively, from huge, harrowing archives to cross-country billboard projects."
    96. Can you capture L.A.'s complexity in a photo book? 'Both Sides of Sunset' tries, by Carolina Miranda - Los Angeles Times  (2015) This makes "Both Sides" all about the images — which makes it a wonderful book with which to revel in the wild architecture, the burned-out rocker types, the overpowering roadways, the singular street life, the sublime ridiculosity.
    97. On a Dark Desert Highway: The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, by Steffie Nelson - East of Borneo (2015) The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project is a coast-to-coast migration along the I-10 that kicked off in Jacksonville, Florida, in October 2013 and will culminate in Santa Monica, California, in late June.
    98. Paris Photo LA: Just Pick One, Honey, by Eric Minh Swenson - Huffington Post (2015) LAM Gallery had a huge wall of Zoe Crosher's "Out The Window (LAX)."
    99. Paris Photo Los Angeles takes over the sets at Paramount Pictures Studios, by Stephanie Murg - Wallpaper (2015) Alive and well is Los Angeles-based Zoe Crosher, whose 31 square photographs of landing planes are tiled on a single wall of LAM Gallery's stand.
    100. Paris Photo L.A. Presented Los Angeles as a Market Player and a Place Where History Is Made - Artsy Editorial (2015) LAM Gallery brought a 2005 series by Zoe Crosher titled “Out the Window (LAX),” in which the versatile artist holed up in different hotel rooms across Los Angeles and photographed various perspectives of the airport.
    101. Paris Photo Los Angeles loses its international accent by Jori Finkel - The Art Newspaper (2015) Presented for the first time in full, Crosher’s series consists of 31 colourful photographs taken through the windows of cheap motels near the airport, each of which frames a distant glimpse of an airplane landing.
    102. The Distinct Californication of Paris Photo L.A., by Steffie Nelson - New York Times T Magazine (2015) The new Highland space LAM teamed with Zoe Crosher to present her complete “Out the Window (LAX)” series, centered on the Los Angeles International airport, in Los Angeles for the first time.
    103. Sunshine and Noir, by Ed Ruscha - Metropolis Magazine (2015) Both Sides of Sunset: Photographing Los Angeles (Metropolis Books, 2015), edited by Jane Brown and Marla Hamburg Kennedy, explores the many contradictions within the City of Angels. In his foreword, renowned artist Ed Ruscha examines how these photographs capture the romance and grit of L.A.
    104. Crash Landings - We Heart (2015) You can see what she saw from the window of her rooms when her photographic series is exhibited at the Paris Photo Los Angeles.
    105. America's Best Public Art for Summer 2015, by Mark Ellwood - Bloomberg Business (2015) Momin has worked with artist Zoe Crusher to ringmistress 10 artists in creating approximately 100 billboards along I-10 from Florida to California.
    106. Cross-continent highway billboard project is Manifest Destiny, by Scarlet Cheng - The Los Angeles Times (2015) Los Angeles artist Zoe Crosher's contribution, Chapter 9 in the transcontinental opus, opened this weekend in the Palm Springs area.
    107. Sonic Highways: Scott Benzel and the "Manifest Destiny Billboard Project" by Michael Slenske - Modern Painters (2015) “A lot of my work is about going west, and both Scott and I are really interested in the deep desert,” says Crosher
    108. 8 Fabulous “Secret” Supper Clubs in NYC, by Kathleen Squires - NewYork.com (2015) This women’s-only dinner club, established by artist Zoe Crosher in L.A. as an “old boys’ club, for girls,” launched in NYC this past fall.
    109. A 2,400-Mile Art Exhibit is About to Hit L.A., by Catherine Wagley - LA Weekly (2015) By March 30, "Manifest Destiny" will reach the California desert, with a series of billboards by Crosher of seductively lush flora and fauna that decays gradually enough that someone in a fast-moving car may just barely notice.
    110. Exit Art For Manifest Destiny, by Fan Zhong - W Magazine (2015) More often than not, a billboard on the side of the road recedes into the scenery. But in the right—or a profoundly wrong—context, it can hold unexpected power.
    111. Zoe Crosher's Fantasy Manifests Destiny, by Alicia Eler - KCET (2015) The California leg of the trip finishes this Spring and Summer 2015 with Crosher in Palm Springs and Matthew Brannon in Los Angeles.
    112. The L.A. Art We Want to See in 2015, by Catherine Wagley - LA Weekly (2014) The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project that artist Zoe Crosher organized with the nonprofit LAND, installing billboards along the I-10 West, will be moving closer to L.A. as March winds down.
    113. Artists’ Choice: The Best Shows of 2014, by Scott Indrisek - BLOUIN ARTINFO  (2014) Artists offer up their highlights from the past 12 months in the art world.
    114. Institute for Art and Olfaction Elevates the Scents, by Ingrid Schmidt - LA Times (2014) Zoe Crosher and IAO have created 10 limited-edition fragrances to signify each stop along the route of the Manifest Destiny Billboard Project.
    115. Andrew Berardini Muses on Swimming Pool Cool - Art Review (2014) Just Ease on into the Water, by Andrew Berardini - Art Review, November 2014
    116. The Fainting Club: A Los Angeles Ladies-Only Dinner Club Migrates to New York by Charlotte Druckman - New York Times T Magazine (2014) With their latest dinner party, Zoe Crosher expands The Fainting Club outside of California.
    117. Zoe Crosher's Arugula Salad on Julia Sherman's Salad For President (2014) Julie Sherman from Salad for President visits Zoe Crosher at home to share an Arugula Salad and discuss her work.
    118. All Across America, Artists Are Taking Over Billboards, by Dawn Chan - New York Times T Magazine (2014) "The curators, Zoe Crosher and Shamim M. Momin, aim to question the problematic history of manifest destiny..."
    119. Hollywood Steps Out for Fundraiser in Support of Public Art Projects (2014) One of LAND's most visible recent projects is a progressive nationwide art installation called Manifest Destiny, featuring artists' images on billboards on Interstate 10 from the East Coast to Los Angeles.
    120. Westward Exhibition: Billboard Art Unfolds Across America by Jillian Steinhauer - Hyperallergic (2014) "Billboards are the last bastion of the icon,” artist Zoe Crosher says, “because they work so fast. The images have to be fast, dirty, quick, and really loud.”
    121. The Expansion of the Instant: Photography, Anxiety, Infinity by Kim Schoen, X-Tra Summer Issue (2014) Zoe Crosher is Michelle duBois. Or Michelle duBois is Zoe Crosher. Or neither is neither or both are both.
    122. Expansion West: The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project (2014) From California to Florida, the project brings ten contemporary artists together, creating 100 art-infused billboards along the highway.
    123. The Most Compelling Artists to Follow on Instagram / Artspace (2014) ...following their accounts sometimes provides intimate access to their creative process, and just as often is just plain fun. Here’s a roundup of some of the most engaging artists to follow.
    124. The Los Angeles Nomadic Division Sets Up Camp, by Nicholas Korody - Art + Architecture (2014) The intention is to give a physicalized reminder of this extraordinarily influential (and often times destructive) 19th century belief which unabashedly dictated the expansion west, that still dictates our movement west, and to gently place/implicate/remind the people unknowingly participating in that landscape along the way.
    125. On The Road, Chapter 1 (2014) At the moment the United States was born, an exhibition of a new genre...from dailyshopwindow
    126. Zoe Crosher - Elicit Art (2014) Musee Magazine, Number 8, Volume 1: The Fantasy Issue
    127. Ideas Series: The Otherside of Closeness (2013) Encouraging us to examine the images more closely, Ishuck’s manipulations raise flickers of doubt about the authenticity of the source images. Is that really the same dad in the later scenes? Are the more formal party images actually staged? A number of artists including Eva Stenram, Zoe Crosher and Walid Raad work with found (or allegedly found) photographs in related ways. A common thread running through their very different projects is an unreliable author/narrator whose interventions may not always be entirely logical…Crosher rephotographs and re-frames the eccentric archive of an individual/persona called Michelle duBois, exploring the construction of feminine identity through photography.
    128. Something in the Air by Steffie Nelson, W Magazine (2013) With perfumed galleries and scent symphonies, artists are hitting the right notes.
    129. Self Aware: Zoe Crosher x Garry Winogrand by Chelsea Rector (2013) Review of The Further Disbanding of Michelle duBois by Zoe Crosher at UCR/California Museum of Photography
    130. Zoe Crosher in 20x20:The Photography Issue, Installation Magazine (2013) Zoe Crosher celebrates Los Angeles in her work- the illusion of stardom, the ability to reinvent oneself and the discrepancy between fact and fiction in a city built upon illusion.
    131. Studio360: American Icons: Untitled Film Stills (2013) GUESTS: Jim Adkins, Zoe Crosher, Robert Longo, Eva Respini and Helene Winer PRODUCED BY: Ann Heppermann EDITORS: Julia Barton and David Krasnow
    132. Zoe Crosher & The Michelle duBois Project at UCR Artblock, Interview by Joanna Szupinska-Myers (2013) Installed in a dark, intimate gallery on the second floor of the California Museum of Photography at UCR ARTSblock...
    133. On View | Art Comes to the Interstate - New York Times T Magazine (2013) by Erica Bellman, New York Times T Magazine Blog, Sept 24, 2013
    134. The 2500-Mile Art Show, Departures Magazine (2013) Driving from Jacksonville, Florida, to Los Angeles is about to get a lot more conceptual. By Maud Doyle.
    135. Dorade no.5 - New Eldorado (2013) revue galante, photographie et forme critique
    136. Los Angeles' Homegrown Public Art by Maxwell Williams, The Hollywood Reporter (2013) "Shamim M. Momim started LAND to do critically relevant public art projects around Los Angeles, including Zoe Crosher’s invocation of Hollywood writer Eve Babitz."
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    155. Looking at Los Angeles | In Search of Eve Babits, by Carol Cheh - Art21  (2012) On May 3, 2012, artist Zoe Crosher held something of a conceptual séance for Eve, attempting to bring her out into the public again with an event called For an Evening with Eve Babitz.
    156. A Nomadic Night with Zoe Crosher: For an Evening with Eve Babitz (2012) Hosted by the Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) in conjunction with pastry chefs Caitlin Freeman and Mariah Swan at the infamous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood
    157. Washington CityPaper  (2012) Five Portraitists Who Deserve a Spot in the National Portrait Gallery by Kriston Capps, Washington CityPaper, May 9, 2012
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    192. Village Voice (2006) The Village Voice - 11.22.06 Best in Show / In her photographs, Crosher flash-blasts the interiors of hotel rooms around LAX, making garish drapes and generic furnishings as bright as the Los Angeles sky beyond the windows, each of which frames a landing or ascending plane. The compositions include out-of-focus air conditioner grills, water bottles, and takeout cups, their blurriness emphasizing the jet-lagged ennui of the transient.
    193. The Portland Mercury (2006) The Portland Mercury - 5.25.06 Zoe Crosher by John Motley'
    194. Studio 360 - Jan 1, 2005 / LAX, Pico Iyer, Sontag (2005) Studio 360 - Jan 1, 05 - LAX, Pico Iyer, Sontag / Kurt Andersen and writer Pico Iyer hear about an airport that hired jugglers and mariachi bands to calm frazzled travelers waiting in line. Artist Zoe Crosher tries to make sense of Los Angeles by taking pictures of LAX from window seats in arriving planes and windows in surrounding motels. And a graphic designer falls in love with arural airport and turns it into his personal studio.Plus,Kurt rememberssocial criticSusan Sontag.
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    6. Returning to Berlin / Publication curated by Kim Schoen - Motto, Berlin (August 2013)
    7. Why Art Photography? by Lucy Soutter (2013) Published by Routelage
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